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Ankara: A Fascinating Destination for Thermal Tourism

In addition to being the capital of Turkey, Ankara is also a highly attractive destination for thermal tourism. Numerous thermal hotels in the city offer a unique opportunity for both local and international guests to relax and rejuvenate. Among them, Çam Otel stands out as one of the best thermal hotels in Ankara, surpassing its competitors with its exceptional thermal pool experience.

What is a Thermal Pool?

A Couple Standing in a Thermal Pool

A thermal pool is a pool designed for relaxation and healing purposes, using hot water obtained from natural sources. The temperature of the water in thermal pools is provided by geothermal energy from underground. These waters are rich in dissolved minerals, iron, saturated bicarbonate, and various other elements.

What Are the Benefits of a Thermal Pool?

A Woman Standing in a Thermal Pool

Among the benefits of a thermal pool are alleviating muscle and joint pains, reducing stress, improving blood circulation, providing relief for skin problems, and alleviating chronic pains.

1. Reduces Muscle and Joint Pains

The waters in thermal pools relax the muscles and improve blood circulation, leading to a gradual reduction of pain. Hydrotherapy techniques can be applied to target specific painful areas.

2. Reduces Stress

The high temperature of the water in thermal pools helps to relax the muscles, leading to a decrease in stress hormones. Additionally, being in warm water contributes to the release of invigorating hormones such as endorphins and serotonin, leaving the person feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

3. Alleviates Chronic Pains

Research has shown that minerals in thermal waters have pain-relieving properties. Thermal pools can be particularly beneficial for relieving pain caused by muscle contractions, arthritis, and muscle aches, as the natural warmth of these waters softens the joints and increases body flexibility.

4. Supportive for Diabetes

Thermal pools are known to be one of the major supporters of type 2 diabetes. Regularly spending time in a thermal pool once a week has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels by 13% in type 2 diabetes patients.

5. Good for Skin Problems

For those looking to achieve smooth and baby-like skin, spending regular time in thermal pools is highly recommended. The presence of silicon and potassium in thermal waters gives the skin a radiant appearance and evens out skin tone. Thermal pools also play a significant role in treating conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

A Special Thermal Pool Experience at Çam Otel

Located in the Kızılcahamam district of Ankara, Çam Otel offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy a rejuvenating holiday with its thermal pool experience. Situated in a region famous for its hot springs, this hotel is a fantastic option for those eager to explore the benefits of thermal waters firsthand.

The thermal pools of the hotel welcome guests with their naturally enriched warm waters. These thermal waters relieve fatigue, relax the body, and make one feel truly refreshed. You can leave behind the stress and exhaustion of daily responsibilities and unwind here. As a family hotel, Çam Otel is an ideal place to have a health-oriented holiday with your loved ones. Feel free to visit anytime!